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"Modeling Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures using SAP2000 Software"
CAE Educational Services is proud to announce many training courses on CSI products. This course is focused on providing engineers with an intermediate & Advance level training enabling them to get the most out of their CSI software.

The training will be conducted by

Engineer Souren Modak
(in cooperation with)
Dr. Sukomal Modak of CSI.

SAP2000 Version 14 Training

SAP2000, developed by Computers and Structures Inc (CSI), is at the forefront of structural analysis and design.

SAP2000 provides powerful capabilities for analysis and design of a wide range of structures, including bridges, dams, tanks and buildings.

If you are interested in attending this training seminar please contact to:

Souren Modak at or call +88-01714-054 837

The following are some of the topics that will be covered:

Bridge Analysis
Concrete Box Girder Bridge
Steel Bridge
Deck Girder Bridge
Prestressed Tendons
Lane define
Moving Loads

Introduction to the use of SAP2000 graphical interface
The advantages of an Object Oriented Integrated product
Model Creation & Editing, Locating with Coordinates, Grids and Snaps
Shortcuts and productivity features
Fast Draw, Replication, Extrusion, Nudge, Trim, Align, Center, Offset and Mesh
Perspective Views, Developed Elevations, Reference Planes and Reference Lines

Code Static
Response Spectra
Time History
Special Seismic Load Effects
Pushover - Static and Nonlinear
Construction sequence loading
Rigid, Semi-rigid, and Flexible Floor Diaphragms

Beam design
Column design and check
Joint design

Detailed design with SAP2000 and verification by hand calculations

Special moment resisting frame design
Intermediate moment resisting frame design
Seismic design
Wind design

Spandrel design
Pier design and check
Boundary edge design

Detailed design with SAP2000 and verification by hand calculations
Seismic design