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Dynamic Analysis Using Response Spectrum Seismic Loading: Prior To The Existence Of Inexpensive Personal Computers The Response Spectrum Method Was The Standard Approach for Linear Seismic Analysis
A History Development Modern Earthquake Codes
A New Method of Dynamic Analysis for Linear and Nonlinear Systems
Concerning Dynamic Nonlinear Analysis
Current Trends in Modeling Buildings Systems
Damping and Energy Dissipation: Linear Viscous Damping Is A Property Of The Computer Model And Is Not A Property Of A Real Structure
Dynamic Analysis By Numerical Integration: Normally, For Earthquake Loading Direct Numberical Integration Is Very Slow
  Dynamic Analysis Using Mode Superposition: The Mode Shapes Used To Uncouple The Dynamic Equilibrium Equations Need Not Be The Exact Free-Vibration Mode Shapes
  Dynamic Analysis: Force Equilibrium Is Fundamental In The Dynamic Analysis Of Structures
  Geometric Stiffness and P-Delta Effects: P-Delta Effects, Due to Deal Load, Can Be Considered Without Iteration for Both Static and Dynamic Analysis (Ed Wilson)
  Large Numbers Can Cause Significant Errors (Ed Wilson)
  Mesh Transitioning and Compatibility the Automated Line Constraint in ETABS & SAP2000 (Ed Wilson)
  Modal Combinations Rules for Multicomponent Earthquake Excitation (Ashraf Habibullah, S.E.)
  Orthogonal Effects in Response Spectrum Analysis
  Physical Object Based Analysis and Design Modeling of Shear Wall Systems Using ETABS
  Practical Three Dimensional Nonlinear Static Pushover Analysis
  Dynamic Analysis: Ritz Analysis vs. Eigen Analysis: Vertical Seismic Analysis
  SAFE Technical Note 1: How SAFE Calculates Punching Shear For the ACI 318-95 Code
  SAFE Technical Note 2: Using the Align Vertical / Horizontal Command
  Seismic Analysis Modeling to Satisfy Building Codes: The Current Buildings Codes Use the Terminology Principal Direction without A Unique Definition
  Soil -Structure Interaction: At A Finite Distance from A Structure the Absolute Displacements Must Approach the Free-Field Displacements
   Speed of Computer Systems: The Current Speed Of A $2,000 Personal Computer Is Faster Than The $10,000,000 Cray Computer Of 1975
  Steel Frame Design: Staggered Truss Framing Systems Using ETABS
   The Eigenvalue Problem: Eigenvalues And Eigenvectors Are Properties Of The Equations That Simulate The Behavior Of A Real Structure