Thank You for choosing Computers and Structures, Inc. products. Below you will find information on obtaining Technical Support.

Computer Aided Engineering Pvt. Ltd. offers a yearly Support, Upgrade and Maintenance plan (SUM). A current SUM subscription provides your firm with unlimited Priority technical support and free software update/upgrades. SUM is also included with the purchase of new software for a period of ninety days. Priority technical support is available to current SUM subscribers. You can obtain support by email or by phone. Click here to send an email. To contact us by phone, call +88-01714-054-837 between 8 am and 5 pm Pacific Time zone. Please be aware that our support engineers can get busy and you may get rolled over to voice mail during working hours. Support personnel are often working after 5 pm so you can try to contact us by email after hours.If you are unsure whether your company subscribes to SUM or you would like information on purchasing SUM, click here to send an email or call +88-01714-054-837  
  Non-SUM Subscribers    
Customers who do not have a current SUM subscription can obtain Non-Priority support via email. Click here to send an email. Response time will vary depending on how busy our support engineers are. SUM subscribers receive support ahead of non-SUM subscribers. If you would like information on purchasing SUM, click here to send an email or call  
  Customers of International Dealers    
If you purchased our software through one of our international dealers, please contact them with your technical questions. You may also purchase CSI’s yearly SUM subscription through your dealer. With current SUM, your dealer will provide your company with technical support, and free software update/upgrades.To find a dealer near you --- Click Here.  
  Educational Institutions    
Students should get technical support from their professors, who can contact us if necessary.